Avairyana Borelle

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Avairyana Borelle
Avairyana Borelle
Ah-vair-EE-ah-Nah Bore-EL
Created by Kenneth
Portrayed by Anna Silk
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Tuatha'an

Avairyana Borelle is a Tuatha'an Novice of the Grey Tower.


Avairyana, who does not like shortened versions of her name, is a young woman of normal height, standing at 5'5". Her hair is a deep brown color, and falls in long waves down her back. Her locks are a point of pride for the Tuatha'an. Her eyes are a color that almost match her hair, slightly slanted giving her a sometimes fae or sultry look. Avairyana's skin is only slightly tanned, as she prefers to dress modestly, even traveling during the height of summer, little is exposed to the sun. Born to Tinkers, but do to the secret of her mother, Avairyana has never settle in to well with Tinker culture. She has a love for verbal debate, and a inquisitive nature. She prefers reading to tinkering, and stability to constant travel. She is sometimes seen as standoffish, but in truth she is simply slow to warm up to people. Once she has, she can be loyal to a fault, and also very possessive. Avairyana does not like change, especially changes in those around her. She truly believes that her friends and loved ones belong to her, and should always be close to her. Her anger runs cold, when invoked she uses her proficiency with words to attack the ego and self-worth of her adversary. Her cold anger is also slow to thaw, and she has never been known for a forgiving nature.


To understand the story of Avairyana, it is necessary to go back a few generations.

Although she is a Tinker, Avairyana considers herself to be truly Amayar. That thought has been ingrained in her since birth, as it was in her mother, and her grand father, going back generations to a woman named Lyiala. A woman who was Amayar. Lyiala, much like her many times removed grand daughter, had a questioning nature. A nature that was not well suited to the Water Way, in the same that Avairyana's was not suited to the Way of the Leaf. Her biggest concern was her peoples belief in the Time of Illusion. The prophecies were obscure at best, and she could not understand the Amayar's complete faith in something that was so shrouded in mystery. Investigation into these prophecies led Lyiala to find some correlation between the Time of Illusion and the Atha'an Miere's beliefs regarding their Coramoor which led her to information on the Dragon Reborn. Lyiala tried to convince her people of the convoluted nature of these prophecies, but none would hear of it. She became an outcast among the Amayar, but her love for her people never waivered. Alone, set apart, Lyiala thought only of the what her people would do if they ever believed that the Time o fIllusion should come. Her conclusion was to stop the Coramoor, the Dragon Reborn, from ever being able to fulfill any part of the prophecies.

Leaving her people, Lyiala stole one of the Atha'an Miere Governor's boats to make her way to the mainland, she knew she would receive no help from her people or their Seafolk rulers. As the Light would have it, Lyiala had no expertise in sea-craft, and almost died trying to make the voyage. She was found among the wreckage of her boat as close to death as a person could be while still breathing, by some Tinkers. As happens sometimes, Lyiala formed an attachment with her rescuers and eventually married one of the Tuatha'an. Her need to save the very people who rejected her however never left her mind.

This mission to be the saviors of the Amayar was passed on to each of Lyiala's children. A mission so ingrained it overshadowed the Way of the Leaf in her Tuatha'an offspring, the pride of being Amayar and the need to stop a bleak future for their people became the core of Lyiala's bloodline. Men and women born to the bloodline of Lyiala intentionally sought out Tinkers who had been born into bloodlines that had produced children who could channel. They knew that the ability to wield the One Power would be necessary to carry out their Matriarch's aim.

In Avairyana, that program of selective breeding finally bore fruit. When her clan sought out the aid of an Aes Sedai for healing, and Avairyana was informed that she had the spark, she immediately made for the Grey Tower with nothing more than a good bye from her mother, who wished her luck and reminded her of what she was to do. The Aes Sedai was from the White Tower and attempted to convince Avairyana that the first and oldest Tower would give her a better education in saidar, but Lyiala refused. She believed that in order to stop the Dragon Reborn from fulfilling the prophecies surrounding him, when he ever showed, she must know how men who could channel operated. She would have to live and work with the Asha'man in order to learn what she could about them and saidin, to bring Lyiala's plans to fruition.

Career History

  • Novice (10 March 2017)