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Created by Craig
Full name Bedwyr, son of Llyr, son of Bryn
Gender Male
Occupation Ogier
Affiliation Stedding Madan

Bedwyr, son of Llyr, son of Bryn is an Ogier from Stedding Madan.


Bedwyr is an Ogier from Stedding Madan, located near to Lake Somal's northern shore. Like most Ogier, he is generally even-tempered and slow to come to decisions, seldom rushing to any conclusions without thorough thought. He has a propensity to give people the benefit of the doubt, believing that everyone who makes a mistake has the potential to change into somebody better, given enough time.

Due to his long lifespan in comparison with most humans, Bedwyr prefers the company of channellers. To him, humans are like pets; they may share their whole life with you, but you can never share your whole life with them. By avoiding emotional attachments with 'normal' humans, Bedwyr is seeking to avoid unnecessary pain. Ironically, he has an express dislike of being touched by the One Power (and will proudly exhort that particular value of the stedding), but has no qualms with it being used around him.

Bedwyr shies away from anywhere with too many people. He prefers making a meaningful friendship with one person over a thin connection with a crowd. This is true whether it applies to humans or Ogier. He has no preference whether he is indoors or outdoors, so long as it isn't snowing. For this reason, you are as likely to hear his rumbling voice coming from down the corridor as you are to bump into him in the gardens.


Bedwyr was born before the Grey Tower was an idea in its founders' minds. At that time, Stedding Madan was as similarly isolated as other stedding, and their notions about the world outside the stedding were in keeping with most Ogier. Those notions began to transform after the first Grey Tower was broken, whilst the second Grey Tower was founded. As Stedding Madan and its denizens could not move like the humans were wont to do, they slowly had to come to accept their new reality. The Grey Tower drew interest from other groups of humans, as well as the Shadow, but Stedding Madan has avoided the worst of it through the years.

Still, contact with the outside world is inevitable. The Aes Sedai and Asha'man of the Grey Tower have used masons from Madan since close to the beginning of its existence, and the Tower never misses an opportunity to learn more. The exchange of knowledge has been a two-way street, with the Ogier of Madan coming to know more about their shorter and younger neighbours.

Bedwyr is appreciative of the similarities and differences between his people and the humans, but he also understood that his viewpoint on humanity was set through a narrow lens. On one journey to Hama Valon, Bedwyr took the long way back through Baerlon. Finding the people of Baerlon quite distinctive compared to their Hama Valoner neighbours, Bedwyr took a number of other trips throughout the decades, although no single trip lasting more than a year.

His latest trip to see Ebou Dar has found him returning with an unusual travelling companion: a young woman bound for the Grey Tower yet formerly a Child of the Light. Bedwyr is fascinated not just in his present-day compatriot, but in the path that her life may lead throughout the centuries. If ever there was an opportunity to confirm his notion that people become better with time, this is it.

Career History

  • Westlander (22 June 2017)