Camille Alvandrin

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Camille Alvandrin
Created by James
Gender Female
Occupation Novice
Affiliation The Grey Tower
  • Esteban (father)
  • Sinuhe (mother)
Nationality Cairhienin

Camille Alvandrin is a Cairhienin Novice of the Grey Tower.


Camille is short and slim with pale skin and long, wavy dark brown hair. As a result of lessons with her mother, she stands, walks, and sits with perfect posture. She speaks with a clipped, precise Cairhienin accent. When not in novice whites, she favors shades of green to bring out the color of her eyes.

She is pleasant and rarely rude. Her quiet demeanor conceals a headstrong, formidable personality. If confronted, she may appear to acquiesce; then she will turn around and quietly follow her own wishes. She rarely volunteers her opinion. In fact, she is so quiet that her presence will often escape all but the keenest observers. To those who do not know her well, she may come off as timid and shy or aloof and haughty. She avoids overt demonstration of her talents. As a result, her intelligence frequently takes others by surprise. She loves challenging her mind. Her favorite hobbies include puzzles of logic and studying the game of stones.

Camille is very practical and will not hesitate to stab an enemy in the back. She does not trust easily and finds it difficult to make friends. While her morals are not strong, there are certain lines that she is reluctant to cross. She can be cruel and selfish and enjoys manipulation and causing pain. However, she is fiercely protective of the few people who she hold dear.

Around strangers, she represses her emotions to maintain a facade of calm. As a result of her childhood in Cairhien, she often reads much more into a social situation than is necessarily true and takes offense to the smallest of slights. She has a vengeful nature and holds lasting grudges.


Camille is the illicit love child of Sinuhe (a White Ajah sister of the White Tower) and Esteban, (who was bonded to another Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah) - the result of a tumultuous emotional affair and a single drunken tryst. Shamed by her Ajah for succumbing to worldly desires, Sinuhe abandoned the newborn Camille in the arms of her lover. To care for his child, Esteban retired from life as a bonded Gaidin and took his daughter to live in his native city of Cairhien.

For much of her childhood, Camille lived in Cairhien with her father. Although Esteban had substantial savings from his time as a Gaidin, he continued to work as a weapons instructor for the sons of noblemen and often brought his young daughter along to watch. He allowed her to handle toy swords and taught her a few forms alongside his pupils; however, he refused to formally take her on as a student. He worried about the negative influence of growing up without a mother and feared that he would fail to raise Camille as a proper young lady. He really needn't have worried - though Esteban remained bitter about Sinuhe’s abandonment, Camille never seemed to suffer from the lack of maternal affection. Through the parade of female tutors whom Esteban hired to ease his concerns, Camille received an excellent education and developed into a bright, vivacious young woman with an acerbic sense of humor and a taste for Daes Dae'mar.

All seemed well, until the day she turned fifteen, when Sinuhe forced her way back into their lives.

Career History

  • Novice (3 November 2017)