Fanfic:A Painful Reminder

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A Painful Reminder

Zarayne felt trapped.

She lay on a soft mattress and softer pillows, head positioned so that she was able to stare at the room's only door. Her body was covered in layers of throws and sheepskin coats. Beneath it she was warm, but she also felt weak. Between her neck and her belly, her body ached. Each attempt to shift into a more comfortable position was greeted by sharp, tender pains rubbing against raw skin, and a deeper agony that was set in her bones. Even laying still did not end the pain. It merely dimmed it to a bearable level.

Staring at the doorway and thinking to herself were the only two activities she had to entertain her mind. She knew the room, a guest bedroom in her mother's house. Strange that she was not in her own room, excepting the fact that the mattress was (she begrudgingly admitted to herself) much better suited to her needs. Zarayne knew why she was in pain, but her mind skirted around accepting the truth. She made sure not to think about how the fire had caused all of this damage. She kept herself from wondering what scars now covered her torso and arms. She definitely didn't feel shame for whatever danger she had placed her friends in. No, Zarayne was not going to let shame brand her. She stared at the door, willing it to remain shut. In this room, she was shielded from the results of her foolish attempt to show off.

It was too late to appreciate why her channelling had to be kept a secret.

Zarayne didn't remember falling asleep, but the door opening woke her. She made to rise as her mother stalked into the room, before the pain forced her into stillness. Green eyes, shades brighter than herself own, looked down at the bed in disappointment.

Without prompt or warning, Sinead pulled down the layers of bedding from around her daughter's neck, until she was exposed down to her waist. Zarayne hissed loudly between gritted teeth. Not at the cold that lay outside of her blankets, but from the air moving across bright pink and red skin. She dared not stir to make the pain any worse, but she saw the exposed tissue that should have been her tanned skin.

"Do you want Healing?"

No words of comfort or warmth, just a cold statement. Zarayne had never seen or heard her mother this way before, and it gave her pause. Had she been the only one injured? What else had happened? Should she ask, could she bear it?

Her mother answered without being asked. "You have toh, Zarayne."