Nyaine Lintelle

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Nyaine Lintelle
Nyaine Lintelle
Created by Daniel
Gender Female
Occupation Accepted
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Cairhienin
OP Strength 6.2
Affinities Water, Air, Spirit, Earth, Fire

Nyaine Lintelle is a Cairhienin Accepted of the Grey Tower.


Nyaine is of short size even for a Cairhienin. She is of slender and straight shaped stature with a fair toned, somewhat freckled skin. Her moderately pretty, oval face is framed by chest-long light brown, naturally curly hair that she usually wears in a ponytail held back by a single ribbon. If the occasion demands it, she can however also be seen with the hair piled on top in one or the other elaborate hairstyle used in Cairhien. She has a straight nose and almond shaped, evenly spaced eyes of a dark hazel colour. When not in novice white she wears the dark dresses with horizontal slashes of colour on the chest and lace on collar and cuffs that dominate amongst Cairhienin nobility together with a clear quartz kesiera.

Her face usually bears an earnest yet friendly expression, although irritation will quickly cause her to frown or raise her eyebrows. Nyaine is quick-witted and revels in the solving of puzzles and theorising of complex matters, but will quickly be exasperated when others are slow to follow her train of thought. With the education and upbringing of a Cairhienin noble house comes arrogance and a feeling of superiority towards commoners in general and servants in particular, only enhanced by her being found to be able channel. In addition to that, being the only daughter and favoured child of her father, she is used to getting her wish and will fulfilled, has difficulty dealing with being denied, and can be found either throwing tantrums or sulking as a result

Nyaine is driven by her desire to learn about new things, especially when she gets to puzzle them out for herself. This makes her open to innovative ideas and concepts, and gives her a cosmopolitan outlook and worldview.


Nyaine is born as the first and only daughter of Elmanes and Reslaine Lintelle, a minor noble house of Cairhien. Her first years are spent on the family’s manor house outside Cairhien, where she gets to explore the surroundings and roam the grounds freely. As the family’s youngest child with two older brothers, she is not expected to inherit the house title or serve the nation’s military. Her education thus concentrates on the social skills expected of a lady, including a basic understanding of the old tongue, proper etiquette and behaviour, some amount of needle work, and the keeping of the household.

While initially perturbed by her curbed freedom of spending time outdoors and playing, she quickly accepts and appreciates her lessons and acquires a thirst for knowledge, quickly exhausting her tutors, such that more erudite teachers are needed. Being her father’s favourite, he indulges in his daughters wishes and makes this possible. Thus, she gets to learn more about history, politics, philosophy, and the sciences. The one thing hindering her studies is an inability to keep the ink on her notes from smudging, making them hard to read, even though her handwriting is otherwise reasonable, if at times hasty.

With fifteen she is introduced into Cairhien’s social life, being allowed to attend the balls and parties of other noble houses. She usually attempts to avoid being roped into the great game and seeks out the company of other scholarly inclined peers. At one such ball she makes the acquaintance of a boy from another house with similar interests. Before more than an infatuation can develop however, she is discovered by an Aes Sedai to have the spark inborn and shortly before her seventeenth birthday bundled off to the Tower.

Career History

  • Novice (31 May 2017)
  • Accepted (1 October 2017)