Olin Trakon

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Olin Trakon
Created by Damon
Gender Male
Occupation Dedicated
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Ghealdanin
Weapon Skills
  • Unarmed ✦✦
  • Quarterstaff ✦
OP Strength 7.0
Affinities Air/Fire, Spirit, Water, Earth

Olin Trakon is a Ghealdanin Dedicated of the Grey Tower.


Olin is of average height, with a strong build that comes from having grown up working and labouring for long hours.

His brown hair is unruly, a tangle of curls and waves. He keeps it pulled back and out of his eyes, but it is never truly tamed. He wears the uniform of a Soldier well, but his habit of pulling at the collar and shifting his shoulders shows he is used to much rougher, ill-fitting clothing. He wears the beginning of a fine beard as well, trimmed but not truly neat.

When he is not on Tower business, he has grown to appreciate the nicer clothing access to the merchants has afforded him. He is also what many of the inn workers have called a gem in the rough. A few of the laundresses and cooks have been known to fondly tell him he merely needs a woman to help him find the right cut for his coats.

He bears scars on his right arm, the lines from when a team broke free of the paddock and he had to grab onto the leads to keep the animals from trampling the children nearby. The leather had cut deep into the skin, but with Healing he bears only a scar.

He was content with his life, but something always called him to more. His mother told him he had a busy mind, always wanting to learn or explore and this was an urge seldom satisfied on their ranch. As such you will often find Olin watching what no one else seems to find interesting, or discovering some new mischief.


Olin spent his youth on the ranch his family had owned for generations. His father and grandfather before him had maintained peace with the King's forces and the occasional Whitecloak patrol simply by being generous and welcoming to all.

They knew that compared to the merchant families, or the nobles of the kingdoms they counted for relatively little in the mind of their King. But by being pillars of their community they helped insulate themselves from some of the chaos of the times.

Olin was content enough to work the land, spend time with the animals and enjoy the festivals and invitations that often came from families nearby. His Mother knew his busy mind and boredom could lead him into trouble, and so she kept a keen eye on him to prevent him from falling into drink and the other vices that many of the ranchhands enjoyed.

When his sister married a merchant of middling influence, Olin was there to celebrate and to help deliver the dowry of four fine stud horses. It was that evening that would change his life, for the revelry would startle the horses and cause them to break free of their paddock.

Sober, and having gone for fresh air and some peace from the new in-laws, Olin saw the animals bolt and dashed into action. He stopped the animals but at the cost of his arm being a ruined mass of cuts and blood. During his healing, he spoke with the Ashaman who had happened to be at the wedding, and as Olin described ill dreams, feelings of something niggling at the back of his mind the Ashaman tested him.

Olin then discovered he had the potential to be taught to channel, and after a tearful farewell from his Mother and a tense silent exchange with his father, he has arrived at the Grey Tower to learn and discover this amazing new opportunity.

Career History

  • Soldier (25 January 2017)
  • Dedicated (28 April 2017)