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Created by Sunny
Portrayed by Amy Adams
Gender Female
Occupation Wise One
Affiliation The Grey Tower
Nationality Aiel

Sinead is an Aiel Wise One and former Accepted of the Grey Tower.


Sinead is taller than most wetlander men, her lean body hardened by years of fighting as a Maiden. By appearance alone she could be as young as eighteen or as old as thirty; she has long since stopped keeping track of her years, and will not bother to respond to those who ask. Over the years since she came to the Tower her red hair has grown past her shoulders, and is typically worn loose, or pulled back in a tail. Her eyes are a deep emerald green, and are at turns dreamy, attentive, or snapping with the fire of her temper. As her tan fades over her time at the Grey Tower, her complexion will become fair, enthusiastically splattered with freckles and battle scars from head to toe.

As a former Maiden, she moves with a cat-like grace and silence that others may find unsettling. Because she does not consider herself a Wise One, she feels no obligation to shun weapons practice, and can frequently be found in the Training Yards putting herself through a punishing series of practice ‘dances’ to clear her mind, keep her in shape, and transport her, however briefly, back to the time of her life when she was happiest. She cannot stand skirts, and fighting them for mobility is one of the only things that can reduce her to incoherent swearing.

She recognizes that as an Aielwoman she may be intimidating / difficult to approach, so she does her best to reach out to those around her. She does not hold wetlanders to ji’e’toh, and naturally finds the very idea of doing so to be preposterous. However, she does require a certain level of decency and maturity from those around her. She will quickly lose her temper if her standards are not met, and will not hesitate to take matters into her own hands –often physically- if a person insists on behaving in a fashion she finds unacceptable.


Sinead’s family’s holding was well known and prosperous. She grew up in typical Aiel fashion- playing with dolls at a young age, and then as her skirts got longer, turning more and more frequently to war games with her siblings and friends. Her father was a member of the Aethan Dor society, and would often tell stories of his work tracking down those who had lost their honor. Sinead would listen with big eyes, and dream of one day being a warrior herself.

As soon as they would allow it, she joined Far Dareis Mai and cut her hair short. Over the next few years she became well known for her skill at tracking, her quick tongue, and uncommon dedication to improving her fighting skills. Unfortunately, she lacked a certain amount of insight regarding those who watched over her. Unaware of how the Wise Ones watched her, she joined the Aiel who followed the Dragon out of the Three-fold Land. She marveled at the new land they traveled; the majesty of the mountains, lakes, and forests they passed through rendered her normally quick tongue speechless.

On what was supposed to be the eve of her departure to Tear from the land of the Treekillers, the Wise Ones paid her a visit in her dreams. They informed her she could channel, and summoned her to Rhuidean to begin her training as a Wise One. Angry, she denied their right to upset her life so- she had been doing well so far, what harm could it do to wait a little longer? For her troubles, she spent the trip to the legendary city wearing short skirts, carrying a doll, and doing the kind of camp chores a child would have done.

Once she had met the toh she had incurred with her tantrum, she finally accepted her fate, and entered the ring at the center of the great city. When she emerged, she requested to speak with the Wise Ones. Simultaneously distraught and excited, she broke tradition and told them what she had seen.

“I have seen many possible futures,” she told them, pacing the length of the tent restlessly, her naked body still gleaming with sweat. “Much is fading already, but I know one truth is absolute: I must not become a Wise One.” Mealle opened her mouth, and Sinead shook her head, talking over her. “I must go to the Grey Tower, Wise Ones. I must…” she swallowed. “I must become Aes Sedai.” The room exploded with noise- questions, exclamations, objections. She stopped walking and stood still as the words poured over her. When they finally faltered, she spoke again. “I must go, no matter the price, no matter how you object. If I remain….terrible things will happen. Terrible.” The older woman saw her eyes flicker, after-images of what she had seen haunting her still.

The debate continued for three days, but in the end they agreed the great ter’angreal could not be ignored…and Sinead’s integrity could not be questioned anymore without the Wise Ones incurring great toh toward her. After considerable argument with the Wise Ones and Far Dareis Mai, her cadin’sor and weapons were returned; since she would not become a Wise One, the prohibition against bearing weapons did not apply to her. To her distress, Far Dareis Mai made it quite clear that as soon as she joined the Grey Tower she would no longer be part of their society...but that was a price that had to be paid.

Thus, with a heavy heart and quickly-fading forewarning of the future, Sinead of the Chumai sept of the Taardad Aiel turned her feet toward Hama Valon.

Career History

  • Novice (5 April 2015)
  • Accepted (25 February 2016)

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